• Testimonials

  • Dr. Tina and the staff were wonderful. I get very nervous visiting Dentists, but her team was amazing at keeping me calm. I visited Dr. Panchal to fill my cavities and to my surprise they were extremely professional and courteous. She took her time to review the X-Rays and explain to me the results. I had to get a cavity filled asap and the thought of taking an injection was frightening. Kudos! to the staff and her skill, the entire process was painless. Her skill is amazing and the filling is great! No issues at all. Have to recommend her to any one that is in need of a dentist. She also followed up to make sure I was not feeling any discomfort after the procedure.

    Yatrik Jhala

  • For someone who gets anxious going to the dentist, Dr. Tina provided me with a comforting experience. I had not been to a dentist in a while so I had quite a few cavities. However, Dr. Tina has such a gentle touch and she talked me through each of my fillings that I hardly felt any discomfort. She is very friendly and I appreciated that she was thorough with all my appointments. She was all about educating and making sure I understood proper cleaning and care.I highly recommend her to patients who are looking for a stress-free dental experience.

    Nisha Bengali

  • They were able to fit me in for last minute appointments because my tooth was hurting. I was also able to change the time of one appointment same day. Dr. Tina explained the results of the xrays and her theories of what is wrong. She also explained the option of a root canal and how that works/what to expect. She did not rush in to giving me a root canal, but rather tried different things to spare my tooth. I appreciated this.

    Debbie DeVito

  • I've never felt so comfortable with a dentist before. She is very transparent and I like that she gives me her honest opinion on what route she thinks is best, but also takes my opinion into consideration and makes it a collaborative effort. She is very efficient and thorough and kind.

    Reena P

  • Dr. Panchal is absolutely great- she spends time with you, explaining procedures and getting to know you. Her staff is also equally as friendly. Highly recommend!

    Samvida Patel