What dental problems could my child have?

Many oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease can begin at very young ages. Issues are often caused from children sleeping with their bottles, digit sucking and grinding their teeth. Nearly 40 percent of children aged 2-3 have a type of mild inflammation in their gum tissues.

The health of your baby teeth set the foundation for your adult teeth. The longer children’s dental issues are ignored, the most at risk they are for oral problems in the future.

Dr. Tina and her staff proudly treat every member in the family. Conveniently located in Colonia, at the corner of Wood and Inman Ave, taking your child to the dentist has never been easier. Our practice works hard to create a fun and welcoming environment, especially for your children.

Should baby teeth be treated the same as adult teeth?

You should teach your child to care of their teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once. Baby (primary) teeth help your child chew, eat, and speak effectively. When your child is developing, proper chewing, eating, and speaking can be important for their self confidence.

Jaw bones and muscles rely on strong baby teeth for proper growth and development for your permanent teeth. Adult teeth can grow in crooked if a child loses a baby tooth too early. This can lead to costly oral procedures in the future. Decaying in baby teeth can cause extreme pain, abscesses, and infections. These issues can spread to your adult teeth when they come in. Often, primary molars aren’t replaced until children are 10-14 years old, which can compromise their overall health is left untreated.

Should I prepare my child for their first visit?

Let’s face it, the dentist is not everyone’s favorite place. Luckily, at our practice we do everything in our power to create a transparent, welcoming, and happy environment for all our patients.

We suggest reading your child books about the dentist. This way they become familiar with basic procedures and terms. Books can also provide them with a fun and happy first impression of the dentist. We also recommend you explain to your child the importance of good oral health prior to their first visit.

Do children need preventative care?

Preventative care is essential in maintaining strong and healthy baby teeth to allow adult teeth to grow and develop properly. The better care you take of your teeth early on, the less at risk you are for costly and uncomfortable dental treatments later in life.

We offer a variety of preventative care treatments. We use advanced sealant technology to protect your child’s teeth from issues like tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are placed on your child’s back teeth to avoid plaque buildup, which can cause tooth decay.

We aim to educate your children and encourage good oral habits for healthier teeth well into the future.