New technology allows us to detect dental issues at the earliest stages. This allows us treat and prevent dental problems earlier than ever. The precision IntraOral cameras provide, help us see even the tiniest of details.
What Are IntraOral Cameras?
IntraOral cameras are tiny high-definition cameras. They are about the size of a pen and display real-time images on a large screen. Now you can see exactly what your dentist sees exactly when they see it. This tool allows us to better educate and inform our patients. We can show them exactly where the problem area is. An LED light is connected to the camera that helps detect cavities, damages, and other issues that we may not be able to see otherwise.
Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

Immediate Results: IntraOral cameras allow you to see precisely what your doctor sees in real-time.

Precise: We are able to take high-definition images of your teeth and it is easier than ever for us to spot even the tiniest of details. These images also allow us to keep a more precise dental record, which we can refer back to and see if anything has changed overtime.

Easy referrals: If you require additional treatment from another specialist, we can easily email your images.

Better Planning: IntraOral cameras allow us to spot defects and issues earlier than ever. Together we can take preventative action and determine treatment options to prevent or stop problems before they become more severe, and often times more expensive.