Make it Fun! Teach Children to Brush and Floss


Pediatric Dentistry - Colonia DentistFebruary is a month full of National Awareness.  National Black History Month and National Women’s History Month are recognized in our country as we celebrate the obstacles and road blocks many of our heroes overcame in order to stand up for our rights and our freedom; paving the road to greatness.  But this month also has an important role for the dentist Colonia families love.

National Children’s Dental Health is celebrated during February and often promoted at schools throughout the country.  As a parent, there are many ways you can get involved in creating a life-long healthy habit for your children and their oral health.

Make brushing and flossing fun

Children love games and songs.  A quick google search can help you find a fun song that you can sing while your children hum and brush at the same time.  Ideally, the song should run about 2 minutes long as that is the minimum amount of time it takes to brush your teeth.  The American Dental Association has a few great suggestions along with videos.  Just, turn on your phone or tablet, hit play, and watch your child’s smile light up as they brush and floss.

Play pretend dentist

When looking for a dentist Colonia citizens think is best for their families, Dr. Tina is the one they call.  A great way to help children feel comfortable going to the dentist is by setting up a mock dentistry situation in your own home.  Role playing with your child is a fun way of getting those little teeth clean.  Pretend your lap is the dentist’s chair, giving your child the controls of the imaginary chair remote.  They can lower the chair down so you can brush and floss their teeth, then raise it back up when it is time to spit.  When you spend time with your children, encouraging dental hygiene, you are raising them to understand the importance of good oral health.

Visit the library

Reading for 20 minutes a day is just as important as brushing and flossing your teeth.  Our local libraries have plenty of children’s books available that focus on dental health.  Dr. Panchal, our pediatric dentist Colonia children adore, recommends starting an oral hygiene routine as early as possible.  Nightly routines can focus on reading, brushing and flossing, and warm baths.  Morning routines should include a healthy breakfast, teeth brushing, and getting ready for the day.


Children pay attention to our actions.  Set your kids up for oral hygiene success by acting as a great role model.  Brush your teeth when they do, letting them see how you do it.  As they get older, and decide they are capable of brushing their own teeth, you will have instilled in them great lessons so they can properly care for their teeth and gums. Our Pediatric Dentistry services can help you teach the importance of oral health, as well.

We love seeing your children’s bright, healthy smiles when you visit.  We are happy to offer tips to ensure your child’s teeth are well cared for.  Visit our Facebook page for helpful oral health topics or call us with any questions.  We’ll supply you with the information you need to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health month and the month’s following to the fullest in order to have a healthy mouth.

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