New Year’s Resolution:  Improve Your Oral Health


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Did you know it takes about 30 days to form a new habit?  Okay, so it may not be a scientifically proven fact, but it does make sense.  If you add something new to your current routine, it takes time to have it take hold.  As a Colonia dentist office, we want to help you with your New Year’s resolution and suggest improving your oral health.

The Challenge

For the next 30 days, brush your teeth two times each day.  Floss each day, and call our Colonia dentist now to schedule your two regular check-ups for the year.  Some of you may be asking why or shaking your heads thinking, “I already do that.”  So, maybe this challenge isn’t right for you.  For the rest of you, give it a try.

The Why

There are a number of people who only brush one time every day.  Does that mean you brush in the morning to combat ‘morning breath?’  Or do you go all day with morning breath (yuck) and only brush at night.  If you brush in the morning, the bacteria and food particles that you’ve accumulated all day are having a great party in your mouth while you sleep…hello cavities!

The reasoning behind brushing twice each day is to stave off morning breath, strengthen your gums and teeth, and to make sure your teeth are clean at night so cavities don’t have a chance to form.  Additionally, flossing removes plaque and lodged pieces of food.  Following a good oral routine along with regular oral exams means you’re practicing great oral hygiene.

The Goal

The goal of our Colonia dentist New Year’s Resolution is to help you create a new routine that will keep your teeth in good health.  When your mouth is well-cared for, you’ll begin to see other changes as well.  Without bacteria making a home in your mouth, you’ll avoid halitosis and gum disease.  Your immune system won’t be busy fighting bacteria, and you’ll be sick less.  Your immune system will be able to combat other germs and illnesses so you’ll recover much quicker or avoid them altogether.

Other benefits include heart health and overall health.  Many of your body’s systems are tied to your digestive system which begins with what you eat.  Your food will dissolve better, digest better, and you’ll retain more nutrients that your body needs.


As we first mentioned, in 30 days, as you get into a steady habit of daily brushing and flossing, you’ll soon find that you have the time and the desire to improve your oral health.  By properly caring for your teeth, you’ll also avoid costly restorative dental procedures down the road.  Follow us on Facebook and let us know how your own personal challenge is going when you come in for an exam.  Let this be the year that you work on improving your oral health so you can preserve your beautiful smile.

Dear Patients,

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Patients with respiratory symptoms and/or fever are to notify staff prior to arriving to the office.  

We will be providing a Pre-Screening Form from our website to be filled out prior to the appointment. In addition, we will be asking our patients to wear a facial covering upon entering our office and we will be taking your temperature upon arrival with a touchless forehead scanner. 

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