The Benefit of Dental Benefits


colonia dentist-dental benefitsWe are just days away from ringing in the New Year.  As the countdown approaches, have you given any thought to your dental benefits?  Have you scheduled your exam with your Colonia dentist?  Most people don’t take advantage of the benefits their dental insurance provides.  Before the year comes to a close, consider giving us a call so you can maximize your benefits.

Call your insurance provider

If you aren’t sure about your dental benefits, the first thing you should do is call your provider.  A quick call can help you understand your benefits.  Annual maximums don’t carry over so if you have an issue like a broken crown or if you are in need of other restorative dental procedures, don’t wait.  Take advantage of the money that has been allotted for your plan.  Typically, less than 3% of people who participate in a dental plan use all of their benefits.  Your insurance company can tell you when your plan ends so you can be sure you don’t forfeit the right to your own money.  Would you pay for 10 gallons of gas and not actually fill up your car?  No!  Your oral health is no different.  Cash in on the money you’re entitled to through your insurance company.

Your network

Our Colonia dentist office works with most insurance carriers, but it is always smart to determine which dentists are in your network.  Again, a simple call to your insurance carrier can help you uncover these details.  Most insurance carriers allow you to shop out of network; it just usually affects your out of pocket cost a bit.

Oral benefits

Besides getting the most out of your insurance benefits, a dental exam provides benefits for your continued oral health.  Regular check-ups catch problem areas early.  A small issue can be addressed before it turns into a big issue and therefore saves you money.  Never neglect your oral health.  The health benefits of preventative dentistry from your Colonia dentist outweigh the risks and costs associated with ignoring your teeth.

Health Savings Account

Your HSA can often be used for dental exams and procedures.  This is another area where patients tend to forget what they are owed.  If you’re lucky enough to have an employer that contributes or rewards you through an HSA plan, even better.  Schedule your appointment so that you don’t lose your money.  Luckily, in the case of HSA, some plans will carry over a certain amount, but not all of your money.

In a nutshell

For your quick question guide to your dental insurance company, here is a great reference:

  1. When do my dental benefits expire?
  2. Is my Colonia dentist in my network?
  3. What does my dental insurance cover?
  4. If you want cosmetic work done: what procedures do my benefits cover?
  5. What is my annual maximum?

It’s worth the time to look into your dental insurance benefits.  You’ll be able to maximize your annual dollar amount and have great teeth at the same time.  If you have questions about our Colonia dentist office services, please give us a call.  You can also follow us on Facebook to learn more about oral health care.

Dear Patients,

As of June 1, 2020, the office will be open to treat patients. During our closure, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have made many changes to our office protocol to ensure the safety of our Patients, Staff, and Doctors.  We are abiding by CDC Guidelines and have implemented the following:  Frequent disinfecting in between patients, use of higher PPE and limiting the number of patients in the waiting room to ensure social distancing. 

Patients with respiratory symptoms and/or fever are to notify staff prior to arriving to the office.  

We will be providing a Pre-Screening Form from our website to be filled out prior to the appointment. In addition, we will be asking our patients to wear a facial covering upon entering our office and we will be taking your temperature upon arrival with a touchless forehead scanner. 

Adults will come to the appointment themselves. If a patient escort is required, only one additional person will be allowed. In addition, escorts required to drive patients will remain in their cars and will be called when needed.  Minors will be allowed to have one parent/guardian come to the appointment.

Due to the new protocols, you may be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment times and the length of each appointment may be longer than usual.  

We are looking forward to seeing our patients and welcoming new patients.  It is our mission to provide a safe and positive experience for everyone.

Stay safe,
Dr. Tina Panchal and Staff